Tuesday, 11 December 2007

About a Girl

I started dating a girl at the beginning of November.

She noticed me in the Anatomy Lab where I was "TA'ing" and wanted to look at my ankle...

Oh yeah, back in the beginning of October I obliterated my ankle during a game of volleyball. Actually, it wasn't even a game... it was hitting lines. I came down off of a hit and landed on a ball that had rolled across the gym under my feet. My left foot landed on top of the ball and rolled of laterally, severely inverting my ankle. I screamed in primal rage! Fortunately, just like last year when I sprained my right ankle, my bestbuddy Chris was there to look after me and help me get medical attention. It sucked and hurt... a lot! Turns out it was a grade three (3) ankle sprain. It took me completely out of commission for two weeks, but I got a nifty parking permit that allowed me to park in administrative parking for the rest of the term! (which ended up being useless cause my car got "deered" not a month later)...

Anyways, a month after the accident and my ankle was still nasty swollen and I had pathetically limited ROM (rage of motion). She offered to rehab my ankle for me. Being the part Hispanic that I am, I graciously accepted her welfare. She worked on my ankle at least three nights a week for the next couple of weeks. During this time, we fell in like.

We got a long really well and I really liked her. That's why it sucked so bad to have to call it off last week.

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