Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Timpview Freshman Girls Basketball Team

I am a Coaching and Physical Education Teaching minor.

Yes, it is a real minor and yes, I am that cool. And it gets better; my lovely PE Pedagogy (pronounced "ped-ah-go-gee"- I know because I was ridiculed and corrected) professor, Coach Padfield, told me of a coaching job at Timpview High School. She told me to check it out and she gave me a real good word. Well, I got the job.

This was back in the beginning of November. For the past month I have been "Coach Jordan", Head Coach of the Timpview Freshman Girls Basketball Team. It is the best and funnest thing ever!!!

I ran tryouts and selected my team. I am responsible for running practice every day. I have two assistant coaches that help me out and carry out my wishes. I am the head coach!

It's still really cool to think about.

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