Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Coaching the Timpview Freshman Girls Basketball Team has been the greatest joy in my life this past semester, I am completely sure. I have done nothing else that has made me feel more fulfilled and happy and proud. I love coaching!

I strive to be more than just a coach. My focus isn't just on winning games and being the best. My sole aim isn't just to help the girls be better at basketball. I want to be a friend to my girls, a role-model, and a leader. I want to help them develop social skills, and leadership skills, and learn how to be team-players. I want to help them achieve their personal best, on and off the court. I want to be somebody they can trust; a coach who is fun and kind and cares about them individually.

I am proud because I know that my girls love me. I know that their parents appreciate my approach and my dedication to their daughters' happiness and well-being. I believe that I am making some kind of positive difference in these girls' lives!

This past week, I was able to notice two girls on my team that were having a hard time. I took each of them aside individually; they cried and opened up to me about the problems they were facing in their lives. I just talked to them and comforted them. I let them both go home from practice early to work out the massive amounts of schoolwork that had been crippling them with stress.

I know I made a difference to them by showing them I care.

That's what being a coach allows me to do.

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