Friday, 3 October 2008

The College Football Parity

BYU is a good football team.

People always think they know the parameters of the team's skills. They think that BYU is great because they demolished a "strong" UCLA team; they think they're not-so-great because they could barely handle a "weak" Washington team. 

The truth is, either of those games could have gone either way. UCLA could have won that game if they didn't turn the ball over; over and over again. Washington could have won had they capitalized on all of the many BYU mistakes (and, had anyone other than Jake Locker showed up) OR... BYU could have even dominated Washington way more than they did (barring those darn Pac10 refs) 

THE POINT: Any of the top 20 NCAA division 1 teams could beat any of the other top 20 teams on any given day at any time. 

People should stop feeling like they know which teams are good and which teams aren't. There's a HUGE determining factor that you can never predict. Human emotion. That's why those computer games never predict upsets, but they happen. They happen ALL THE TIME!

To quote something we say in "the other football"... the ball is round, it can roll either way!

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