Monday, 6 October 2008


Remember Primary?

We learned a lot of important lessons in Primary. I don't remember everything I was taught, but I know that the instruction I was given helped me become the person I am today. 

Something that has always bothered me is cruelty to animals. Why a person can think it is okay to harm or mistreat them, I will never understand. I love animals! I am grateful for them. And I know that God loves them more than I possibly could, because he created them! (and cares for them and provides for them...) 

Personally, I feel that how a person treats the animals under his dominion is a reflection of the class and character of that person. I will NEVER respect a person who treats these, the meekest and lowliest of the Lord's creations, with cruelty and inhumanity. Animals deserve our love, care, and respect, always.

Remember Primary? In closing, here are a couple titles from the Primary lesson manual: Lesson 11: I am thankful for fish, Lesson 12: I am thankful for animals, Lesson 13: I am thankful for birds and insects, Lesson 35: I can be kind to animals, Lesson 44: I can show love for animals... (not to mention countless songs in the same vein)

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