Friday, 19 October 2007

Failing at Important Stuff

One of the strange things in life is this: When you totally understand how something should be done, but still manage to mess it up.

It's horrible. You're sitting in W111 of the Benson building taking an O Chem quiz. You're asked to show the reaction mechanism of the hydrogenation of a certain alkene. You know this nonsense! You've spent irreplaceable quantities of your life studying it! Regardless; you can't seem to put it down on paper.

I know I should be rehabbing my ankle cause' I know that will make it heal faster. But I just don't because I really hate doing it. Same could be said for any number of things in life; things that you understand are very important to do but still manage to not get done.

I feel like I have a great understanding of the psyche of my fellow-men. I love to theorize about why people act a certain way and how they would respond in any given situation. I am usually, nearly right (stated that way with the intent of modesty, because I am almost always right). I know, in my mind, the proper way to treat everybody I know. I know exactly what to do. I know exactly how to act and what to say and when to say it. It's been labeled as my "charm" and I know from experience that I can charm anyone's mom into pushing me to date their daughter, which I usually don't cause' I hate dating. This is a pretty big accomplishment when you look as much like a bum as I do most of the time.

So... when it really counts, when I should really make things play out the way they naturally should, when it's important to do it right...


Guess I'm not a clutch performer... at all!

[time passes]...

And then I go and get 102% on my Anatomy midterm.

Maybe I only really fail at things I don't understand.

So, maybe I don't actually understand relationships and the complexities of being in heavy like with somebody. Lord have mercy.

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